Industry Icon Starts New Chapter

Red Davidson

At the end of May 2011 HB Jaeger will say goodbye to Tom “RED” Davidson. Red has been in the Wholesale distribution arena for more than 50 years, where he worked in all facets of the industry. During his younger years Red was in the US Navy aboard (I Believe) the USS Constitution, leaving the navy around the turn of the century Red took a job selling light bulbs for a then young Thomas Edison, traveling many miles between customers by horseback was how Red learned what hard work was all about. I for one will miss the stories, jokes, and the fun bantering we shared back and forth. Red I love how you can dish as well as receive. All of us at HB Jaeger want to wish you and Arlene a most enjoyable and well earned retirement as you hop aboard your HONDA (oops I mean Harley) and start your next exciting chapter.

With all our respect,

The HB Jaeger staff