We at H. B. Jaeger carry an extensive line of Geo-textile fabrics and erosion control products. Most of our fabrics are available in various sizes and weights. Our poly-film is stocked in a number of width /  length combination’s, and sandbags are on hand to keep the poly-film in place. Silt and safety fencing, wood or T posts to anchor, all are in stock items available for your job.

  • A full line of erosion control products
  • Woven / Non-woven fabrics of all kind
  • Geojute matting and ground staples
  • Straw matting
  • Straw wattles (California Straw Works)
  • All varieties of silt fence and accessories (size and color)
  • Safety fence
  • Amerdrain
  • 3′, 6′, & 12′ x 300′ Typar fabrics